Morris|Schneider|Wittstadt and LandCastle Title share one common goal – to be the best real estate closing firm in the nation. We accomplish this goal by providing our clients with the highest level of service, by taking initiative to be among the top places to work and by to giving back to the local community. Our culture of excellence is centered around four core values: service; teamwork; family; and community.

We put our commitment to excellent service into practice every day in every one of our offices through firmwide implementation of our BASICS. Our BASICS are a unique set of standards which govern our operations, a set of standards designed to ensure we always “go the extra mile” to provide a smooth, friendly and efficient closing process. As a result of our BASICS, our clients receive consistently superlative service across all 60+ M|S|W and LandCastle Title offices.

At Morris|Schneider|Wittstadt and LandCastle Title, we are a family. We care about one another, and we cultivate an atmosphere of warmth, respect, and concern for firm members, for our clients, and for our work product. We value our diversity, and we appreciate the unique contributions every individual member makes to the overall success of the Firm.

While being a family, we also realize the importance of operating in a unified, cohesive manner. Our Partners, Attorneys and Staff Members understand the importance of teamwork, and we create an open environment where we step in and help each other out whenever the need arises. We know that no one person can single-handedly make a team successful, so we promote a culture where everyone works together to achieve our ultimate goal of being the best real estate closing firm in the nation.

At Morris|Schneider|Wittstadt and LandCastle Title, we know that providing excellent service for our clients and creating a great work environment for our employees are very important. However, we believe that these are not enough. We are committed to being a responsible corporate citizen and to giving back to the community that we are helping to build. Through our LandCastle Title Foundation, we generously support numerous local and national charitable organizations. We provide opportunities through our Foundation for our clients and employees to work together outside the office to impact the larger community.

At Morris|Schneider|Wittstadt and LandCastle Title, our core values - service, family, teamwork and community – govern our decisions, our internal processes and procedures and our client relationships. It is through daily implementation of these guiding principles that we are able to consistently exceed our clients’ expectations one closing at a time.

Our Service BASICS

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