Divorce - On Your Way To The Attorney's Office

Once you have made an appointment to proceed with your divorce, you must provide personal information to your attorney. Your spouse will be providing the same information to opposing counsel. If you are diligent in this process, your case will proceed quicker, keeping expenses to a minimum. The following is a compilation of documentation we will need to effectively represent your interests:

1.Collect information and make copies of documents that might be useful;
a.Last three years tax returns, W2's, 1099's, and evidence of income of you and/or your spouse.
b.Copies of real estate warranty deeds or quitclaim deeds to the property you own.
c.Copies of security deeds, promissory notes, and settlement statements concerning real estate purchased or sole by you and/or your spouse during the marriage.
d.Car titles, registrations, and notes for car loan(s).
e.Copies of any stock certificates, bonds.
f. Copies of any IRA or 401-K or other retirement/pension plans.
g.List of any equipment you want that is worth more than $500.00 in value.
h.Copies of any notes you have signed to any banks, individuals, savings and loans,
    credit company, or other lending institutions.
i.Copies of any and all credit card statements for the past 12 months.
j.Copies of any other personal debts or notes signed to anyone, including family  members.
k.Copies of any financial statements prepared by you and/or your spouse in the past 3   years.
l.Photos/tapes/albums/correspondence that substantiates any claim you may want to  assert.
m.A current budget of your living expenses/Domestic Relations Financial Affidavit.
n.A copy of a recent bank statement showing current balance in every checking and  savings account.
2.Take photographs of family, children, furniture, your home, valuable collections to the extent   that you feel these photos will help you "tell your story".
3.Make a list of questions you want to ask your attorney.
4.Make a simple budget/financial affidavit setting forth specific assets/debts and how much it   costs you to live each month.
5.Make a list of what assets and/or debts you contend are your or your spouse's separate
    property because it is an inheritance, a gift, or was owned prior to the marriage?
6.If custody and parenting issues are in dispute, what are your goals? Special concerns?
7.Then, make an appointment for an initial conference with an attorney.
8.Don't expect to discuss these issues by telephone
9.Please be prepared to pay for the initial conference at the time service is rendered.

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