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Resolving your differences in a cost-effective manner

The term Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) refers to any method other than litigation for resolution of disputes

Mediation: Mediation is the process by which a neutral third party facilitates negotiation and settlement discussions between two or more parties to resolve their conflicts without the delays and expense of litigation. The neutral has no authority to make a decision or impose a settlement upon the parties. The neutral attempts to focus the attention of the parties upon their needs and interests rather than upon rights and positions. By mediating your dispute, you have the benefit of determining your own outcome, rather than have your outcome determined for you by a judge or jury.

Because we understand the personal and financial impact a legal problem has on individuals, our law firm encourages mediation as an effective tool for handling controversies. Savvy consumers do not want to pay high legal fees to resolve their disputes.

Mediation allows you or your clients to take control of your own issues and to participate in designing workable outcomes in a neutral setting. Mediation offers a low-cost resolution to your case with the satisfaction that you have a voice in your own destiny. Mediation is often fast, too. In many cases, the entire process may be scheduled within 48 hours of your contact to our law firm and a settlement may be reached in a two or three hour session

A Dedicated Mediation Team

At Morris|Schneider|Wittstadt, our mediation team is comprised of experienced attorneys and registered mediators. Led by Donna Crosby Sloan, our team welcomes the opportunity to help you efficiently resolve legal conflicts rather than perpetuate them. We recommend mediation for our clients when possible and are available to mediate claims for yours.

A Useful Tool in Settling Cases

Although clients and attorneys are increasingly aware of alternative dispute techniques as a means of resolving disputes, mediation continues to be underutilized in our legal system. With negotiated results, mediation gives you what you and your clients want without the delay and costs of litigation. Mediation is an effective tool in real estate transactions, contract disputes, and personal injury matters. We find co-parenting mediation especially effective in custody disputes, where emotions are raw and parents struggle for control often at the expense of their children. Through mediation, custody and other family law matters may be settled with a plan that can be implemented in a realistic and amicable manner.

In any area of law, the experienced attorneys at Morris|Schneider|Wittstadt, LLC will help you or your clients mediate your disputes and work toward an appropriate resolution.

Mediation Services

Real Estate Issues:

-Construction/Builder/Homeowner Disputes
-Real Estate Agent/Broker Controversies
-Earnest Money/Contract Termination Issues
-Landlord/Tenant Matters
-Foreclosure-Related Problems
-Homeowners' Association Issues
-Boundary Line & Easement Problems
-Commission Disagreements

Domestic Relations

General Contract Disputes

Commercial Transactions


Personal Injury

Employment Situations

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