Q. Who will check the title to my new property?

A. Depending on which M|S|W or LandCastle Title office you close in, one of our in-house examiners will run your title search or we will order your search from one of our third-party vendors. In either case, an attorney or settlement agent will examine your title and will clear your title prior to closing.

Q. How will I know how much money to bring to closing?

A. At the time of loan application the loan officer will give you a Good Faith Estimate of costs. Please plan to bring certified funds for the amount showing due on your Good Faith Estimate. In the alternative, your real estate agent or loan officer may contact you when they receive our HUD-1 Settlement Statement for your closing with a final figure.

Q. Can I write a personal check for the closing costs and down payment?

A. No. The law does not permit a closing attorney or title company to accept a personal check. You will need to bring certified funds from your financial institution to your closing.

Q. What other information do I need to bring to the closing?

A. Please refer to our Buyer's Closing Checklist or Seller's Closing Checklist.

Q. Who should attend the closing?

A. All parties to the loan and all persons listed on title to the property must be present at closing. Often, real estate agents and loan officers attend closing as well.

Q. Will I receive copies of the loan documents?

A. You will receive a copy of each document that you sign at closing. This document folder should be placed in your safety deposit box.

Q. How long will I be in the closing?

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A. A closing generally takes about an hour. At Morris|Schneider|Wittstadt or LandCastle Title, we close your loan in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere with experienced real estate attorneys or settlement agents to explain the closing documents.

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